One of our goals at Linda Lowe Daycare is to provide an environment and a program suitable for the successful development of all young children.  Success achieving this goal is only accomplished when every aspect of a child’s development is taken into consideration.  Therefore, ensuring only the best nutritional program for our daycare is very important to us.

Nutrition 1

At Linda Lowe Daycare, we provide healthy and nutritious breakfasts, snacks, and lunches.  Our Cook works in our clean, bright kitchen preparing each snack and meal.  We have a peanut free environment, and we also ask that families refrain from bringing in any food from home.  The menus are flexible, and we can accommodate all food allergies, health concerns or nutritional preferences.

The daycare caters to the needs of individual children with allergies or other dietary requests such as vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free.

20160823_151909We have a full time cook with her Food Handlers Certification devoted to serving nutrition filled meals and snacks to the children.  All cookies and other baking is home made.

Menus are posted on the kitchen door, and parents are invited to review the menus at any time.  Daily menus are posted near the front door and will reflect any changes made to the planned menu.

We have included a sample of our menus.  They change periodically depending on the fresh foods in season, or the likes and dislikes of the children!

We are a peanut free Centre.

Sample Menu