Our History

Back in 1976, Linda Lowe recognized the need for quality childcare in Pakenham. The warmth and stability of Linda’s childcare service quickly established itself, just as the need for quality childcare in our community was ever-increasing.
By 1983 Linda’s childcare services had evolved into a provincially licensed, Non-profit corporation, owned by the parent members as directed by Linda Lowe and the Board of Directors.
Between 1983 and 1989, the daycare expanded from its previous enrollment of 24 children to a new capacity of 79 children between the ages of 6 weeks and 12 years.
The Linda Lowe Daycare Centre continues to grow and to provide a stimulating program for our children in a happy, safe environment. It is a place where children can develop to their potential at their own pace.
For all members, it is our home away from home.

Program Statement

At Linda Lowe Daycare, we believe that every child is competent, capable, curious, and rich in potential. Children and their families deserve access to high quality care in an environment in which they are trusted and respected as individuals.

We facilitate children’s ability to evaluate and manage risk by allowing children to take age-appropriate risks while ensuring the environment is safe and secure. We provide for children’s physical and emotional well-being by meeting their physical needs as well as their need for affection using eye contact, physical touch, and/or a soft voice, depending on the child’s individual needs and preferences.

We foster children’s exploration, play, and inquiry by ensuring each child receives ample time for free play and exploration. Children are provided with open ended materials and given long periods of uninterrupted time to explore these materials. Educators foster a culture of inquiry by observing the children’s play and providing materials that will further expand upon the ideas’ children are exploring.

We incorporate indoor and outdoor play, as well as active play, rest, and quiet time, into the day, and give consideration to the individual needs of the children receiving care. We provide children with a variety of indoor and outdoor experiences, including outdoor play in all but extreme weather. All environments (classrooms and playgrounds) provide space for children to engage in active and quiet play, depending on their individual needs. Children are able to rest throughout the day as they require, and parents are consulted regarding their child’s rest at the time of enrolment, and any time the child’s needs change.

We foster the engagement of and ongoing communication with parents about the program and their children by maintaining open communication at all times. The Executive Director and other office staff greet families as they arrive each morning, and educators share information with parents at drop off and pick up times. Parents also receive daily reports containing information about their child’s daily activities via the Tadpoles app. Children’s learning is documented and shared with their parents on a regular basis through the use of documentation binders and display boards in the classrooms.


The Linda Lowe Daycare Centre is located in the heart of Pakenham and is firmly rooted in our community, both geographically and emotionally. Our building on Isabella street is a warm, clean environment with a dedicated full-scale kitchen and 5 distinct classrooms and enclosed 3-section yard.


In Pakenham, we are lucky to be in the centre of many excellent school boards. Currently, we bus to 4 area schools. These schools are:

Many of our children also attend Pakenham Public School, where our school age program is located. These children walk to and from school each day with their caregiver.